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UL.1.1 (University Library, Cambridge University)

Unknown collection


Rolled book written in shan script

Title: Suk‘ Sīlakhan‘ toi ṅav‘
Title: Sutta Silākkandha [vagga], first part
Title: သုၵ်သီလၷၼ်တွႆင်ႂ

Shan text descriptor: Not specified   Introduction: yes

General remarks on work: In Piṭakat‘ Thamaiṅ‘ ("Chronicle of the Piṭaka") there are 3 versions of the 3 vaggas (of the Dīgha Nikaya of the Sutta Piṭaka): the Pāli texts; the aṭṭhakathā; and the ṭīkā. The aṭṭhakathā was by Buddhaghosa and the ṭīkā was by Dhammapāla of Ceylon. This work (as well as other manuscripts entitled Suk‘ Sīlakkhan‘, Suk‘ Mahāvā and Suk‘ Pāttheyya) belongs to the ṭīkā type, translated from the Burmese originals.

Subject:  sutta Subject comments: The first division of Dīgha Nikāya of Sutta Piṭaka. The Dīgha Nikāya contains 34 suttas under 3 vaggas: Sīlakkhandha Vagga, Mahā Vagga and Pāṭika Vagga. The Burmese call these, respectively, Suk‘ Sīlakkhan‘, Suk‘ Mahāvā and Suk‘ Pāttheyya.

Colophon: C.S. 1252 (AD 1890), month seven, new moon (i.e. last day), afternoon, "the writing of Suk‘ Silākhan‘ First Part is completed".Colophon:yes 
Language(s): shan,burmese,pali

Work ID: W624

Physical Description

Form: Rolled book
Extent: 208pp/ff (shan numbering)
Dimensions (written):

Lines (per folio:) 21-22


Wrapper (38 x 109.5 cm) is of printed calico of mat pattern in faded orange colour, lined with white calico; 3 cloth buttons with loops for fastening. One professional hand throughout, weak in Burmese and Pāli spelling.


Appearance (paper): white


Covers: yes Cover colour: other Cover material: cloth





’Aisāṅ‘ Vāliṅ‘ta, younger brother of Khiṅ‘loi Yaut‘ Sèṅ‘, husband wife, of Huv‘ Pai.

Date of copying (era): sakkaraja era

Date of copying (year): 1252

Provenance and Acquisition

Former owner: Scott

Present copy's donor: ’Aisāṅ‘ Vāliṅ‘ta Present copy's donor (shan):  ဢၢႆသၢင်ဝႃလိင်တ Present copy information: colophon,introduction

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