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UL.2.1 (University Library, Cambridge University)

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Concertina book written in shan,burmese script

Title: Saṃyojana Rhupvay‘
Title: Samyojana
Title: သမံယောဇနရှုပ်ဟွယ်

Illustrated (ornamentation): colour

Shan text descriptor: Not specified   Introduction: yes Text at other location: URD.3

General remarks on work: The title is written in Burmese script, but the text is in Shan script.

Subject:  sutta Subject comments: A composition or treatise on the Buddhist doctrine of the Ten Fetters or Samyojana.

Colophon: Date of present text's copying CS 1244 (AD 1882), BS 2426 (in Burmese script), Wāso, waning, 3rd, Sunday afternoon. Date of original composition writing CS 1223 (AD 1861), BS 2405, month eight or Wāso, waning, 12th, Friday.Colophon:yes 
Language(s): shan,burmese,pali

Work ID: W630

Physical Description

Form: Concertina book
Dimensions (written):

Lines (per folio:) 9-10


Covers of wooden board with embossed lacquer work of floral designs, gilded on all sides and decorated with circular pieces of mirrored glass of white, red and green. Two hands, one for the text, one for the title page. Good spelling in Pali and Burmese.


Appearance (paper): white


Covers: yes Cover colour: other Cover material: wood

Cover embellishment: lac,gilt,embossed





The original donor requested a Sayadaw to render the original Burmese composition into Shan. Nauṅ‘ Pā Lam‘ is situated in Mawkmai State. CAMBR887 is an identical text with the original donor's name and date of composition.

Date of composition (era): sakkaraja era

Date of composition (year): 1223

Date of copying (era): sakkaraja era

Date of copying (year): 1244

Provenance and Acquisition

Original donor: Pō Cāṅ‘ Piṅ‘ñā (meaning father of Bhikkhu Paññā) and wife Sèṅ‘ Mōn‘ of Nauṅ‘ Pā Lam‘ Original donor (shan): ပေ႞ၸၢင်ပိင်ၺႃ သိင်မူဝ်ၼ် ၼွင်ပႃလမ်Shan Original donor information: introduction

Present copy's donor: Po Sāṅ‘ Sāmi (meaning father of Sāmaṇera Sāmi), and wife and family Present copy's donor (shan):  ပေ႞သၢင်သႃမိ Present copy information: colophon,introduction

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