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001 (Wat Jong Klang)

museum collection


Concertina book written in shan,burmese script

Author: Unknown
Title: cavʻ̐ sīvali
Title: Venerable Sīvali

Shan text descriptor: Not specified   Rhyming system: sāmʻ kivʻ Introduction: yes Text at other location: Wat Pha Non and Wat Pang Mu

General remarks on work: The year of copying this text 1346 SE (1984 CE) is mentioned at the end of the text, and the year of donating this text 1347 SE (1985) and 2528 BE are mentioned on the first page, the donor page.

Summary intro: This text was translated from a Burmese version.

The text on the teaching of generosity 'dāna' - mainly on two types of giving: 1) Making dāna offering to the moral person and 2) that of the immoral person. Making offering to moral person will bear better results than doing it to the immoral person. Venerable Sīvali had done such good deeds to the moral person in his previous life, so that in this life when he became a monk, he has so many devotees and followers.

Subject:  canonical jataka 

Colophon: Colophon:yes 
Language(s): shan,burmese,pali

Work ID: W283

Physical Description

Form: Concertina book
124 / 248
Dimensions (written):



Word arts for section ending marks.


Appearance (paper): white


Covers: yes Cover colour: black Cover material: papier mache

Cover embellishment: lac





It would be useful to compare this text with the duplicated copies at Wat Jong Klang to find more information on the history of this text such as the author and original donor of the text.

Date of copying (era): sakkaraja era

Date of copying (year): 1346

Provenance and Acquisition

Present copy's donor: Ven. Vicitta, abbot of Wat Jong Klang. Present copy information: colophon

Funding of Cataloguing

Dhammakaya Foundation