Shan Buddhist likʻ̐ lūṅʻ manuscripts in UK and SE Asian collections


004 (Wat Jong Klang)

museum collection


Concertina book written in shan,burmese script

Title: satipathanʻ̨ vatthu paṭṭhama toiʺ
Title: Story of Satipaṭṭhāna, volume one

Shan text descriptor:  Kyam Vatthu Rhyming system: sāmʻ kivʻ

General remarks on work: This text is missing from the chest/cabinet when the second fieldwork was conducted in January 2014. It is possible that it was taken out for recitation and not yet returned, as it is the case with other texts that after taken out for recitation, they were kept in the Buddha's shrine instead of returning them to the chest. There is a fragile ms with no. 004 in the chest but it is not the text with this title. It's possible that there were duplicates or some mistakes when collecting the data in 2009.

Story of a rich man who left his house, wife, children and all properties behind to become a forest monk practising meditation. In his temple ground there is big banyan tree. One day, a giant bird 'Kalun' had caught a dragon 'Naga' and came to that big banyan tree. The Kalun bird then changed his body as a human and went to the monk and asked if that big bird did something wrong unwholesome for bringing the dragon. The monk replied: "It is very much depending on his mind. If his mind has intention to destroy others, then it is wrong doing, but if he has no intention of destroying others, then he has done nothing wrong". The man (the Kalun) was so happy and offer some special mantra of protection and medicine to the monk.

Subject:  sutta 

Language(s): shan,pali

Work ID: W286

Physical Description

Form: Concertina book
166 / 228
Dimensions (written):




Appearance (paper): white


Covers: yes Cover colour: natural



Date of composition (era): sakkaraja era

Date of composition (year): 1245

Provenance and Acquisition

Original donor: pā̐ kyauṅʻʺ nāṅʻʺ ciṅʻ̨

Present copy's donor: pā̐ ʼau of Maehongson Present copy information: colophon

Place name for present copy: Wat Jong Klang, Maehongson. Place name information: introduction

Funding of Cataloguing

Dhammakaya Foundation