Shan Buddhist likʻ̐ lūṅʻ manuscripts in UK and SE Asian collections


094 (Wat Pang Mu)

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Concertina book written in shan,burmese script

Title: siṅʻ khā ra phā ca nī
Title: commentary on the conditioned world/things

Shan text descriptor: Lik   Rhyming system: samʻ kivʻ

A story about a boy. His father taught hi to memorize words of protection (in Pali): Buddhoa me saranaṃ aññaṃ natthi, dhammo me saranaṃ aññaṃ natthi, saṃgho me saranaṃ aññaṃ natthi. One day he followed his father to cut firewood. They went so far and could not return before dark, so they slept that night in the forest. During the night, a giant saw them while looking for food, and so tried to kill and eat them. But the boy recited the words above, so the giant not only could not kill them but brought special food from the palace of the king of Rajagaha and left for them to eat in the morning. When morning arrived, the king noticed his food was stolen. In the end, the father and son was caught up, and so the king's men thought they stole the king's food and attempted to kill them but when they were freed after they explained what happened.

Subject:  commentary 

Language(s): shan

Work ID: W167

Physical Description

Form: Concertina book
144 / 288
Dimensions (written):

Lines (per folio:) 10




Appearance (paper): white


Cover colour: natural,gold Cover material: papier mache





Date of composition (era): sakkaraja era

Date of composition (year): 1221

Provenance and Acquisition

Former owner: Wat Pang Mu

Original donor: luṅʻʺ saṅʻ kū pā saṅʻ kū (yū laṅʻʺ khuivʻʺ)

Original place of donation: Lang Khur (Southern Shan State)

Present copy's donor: kyauṅʻʺ ta kā noiʹ luivʻʺ (yū kunʻ yumʻʺ luṅʻ)

Place name for present copy: Khun Yom, Maehongson

Funding of Cataloguing

Dhammakaya Foundation